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skiing 2
skiing 3
cycling 2
hard work 2

boarding 4

skiing 1

Steve H.

Recreational Skiing

Calgary, Canada

snowboarding 1

Robert McCoy

Park City, Utah

Submitted By: Steph B.

rowing 2




Hard Work


boarding 2


Jeff McKenzie

Enjoying the Slopes

Squaw Valley, California

Submitted By: Jim M


soccer 3

B. Norman

Tournament Play

San Diego, California

Submitted By: K. Norman




gymnastics 2


boarding 3

skiing 5

James R

Sun Valley, Idaho

Submitted By: Jill R

softball 1

Tracy Moore

Safe at home during League Play

Won 5-0

San Diego, California

Submitted By: R. Moore

track 7




Hocky 1


Group Rafting

Glacier National Park


Submitted By: S. Brown


water skiing 1

Water Skiing on Vacation

Lake Michigan

Submitted By: M. Nelson




speed skating 2


fencing 1

surfing 1

Jill H.

Surfing Competition, 3rd Place


Submitted By: M. Mason

cycling 1

Heidi Yo

Staying in shape by Mountain Biking

Boise, Idaho

Submitted By: H. Hill

golfing 2


rock climbing 1

golf 1

S. Hellimansen

Palm Springs, CA

A Day on the golf course with buddies

Submitted By: R. Smith

rowing 1

J. Houser

Seattle, Washington

Submitted By: Jill H


tennis 1



trailing 2

baseball 5

Luck happens

Madison, Wisconsin

Submitted By: E. Jensen

baseball 4

James A.

Springfield, Illinois

Submitted By: Adam L.






gymnastics 1


speedskating 1

C. Jones

Outdoor Speedskating

3000M - 4th Place

Submitted By: L. Jones

skiing 4

Ethan R.

Skiing the Back Hills in Montana

Submitted By: B. Nuss


basketball 1


swimming 3

rock climbing 2

Osbourne Family Outing


Submitted By: J. Osbourne

Roller Derby

B. Cleary

Paper Valley Girls

Appleton, WI

Submitted By: K. Thompson

swimming 7



swimming 2


T. Adkins

Sun Valley, Idaho

Submitted By: H. Venaas


martial arts 1

K. Thompson

Karate Instructor

Submitted By: B. Thompson


swimming 6


soccer 2


trailing 1

C. Cook, J. Cook, A. Jamison


Submitted By: C. Armstrong


rugby 1

Rugby Practice

New Zealand

Submitted By: Jim J.


basketball 3



diving 1


Vacation Picture taken in

New Zealand

Submitted By: Jim J.

swimming 5

D. Thompson

MHS High School Swim Practice

San Diego, California

Submitted By: R. Boyer

basketball 2


boxing 1



Co Ed Hocky

soccer 4


soccer 5


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