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20 Minute Workout—Fitness Made Easy…
By Jill Best

This should come as no surprise. Old studies reveal that active adults are healthier than stationary adults.

But, a new study reports that an adult that sits less than 3 hours a day is healthier than a couch potato or computer nerd.

Just standing will lessen the possibilities of high blood sugar, circulation and high blood pressure. 

So stand as much as you can—and if you can add 20 minutes of exercise to your ‘stand time.’

Adults need about 2 ½ hours of moderate physical aerobic each week. As you gain stamina and are physically able (consult your doctor before beginning any regime) more physical activity like muscle-strengthening is important for overall health.

Warm-up and Cool-down— Warm-up and cool-down and periods are just as important as the exercise themselves. In fact, many times they are a slower, more deliberate form of the rep performed.

Aerobic Activity—can consist of almost anything—mostly depending on your abilities. Endurance activities can be just about anything that gets you off the couch like; running, walking, bicycling, sports, dancing, and swimming. All you need to remember is to get your heart rate up.

Muscle strengthening—after getting in better shape most physicians recommend that an adult add some sort of muscle strengthening routine to their weekly aerobic workout—at least 2 days a week. No specific time is recommended. The adult should do enough repetitions until it would be difficult to do another repetition without help. You can start with one set with 8-10 reps and build to 2 or 3 sets as your body allows. Don’t worry about the weight lifted—effective reps are more important.

Diet—again, not to sound like a broken record but consult your physician before starting any diet or exercise plan. Back to diet, always eat a balanced diet. Consult your insurance wellness plan and you will find most will recommend a good dietician at little or no cost.

Believe it or not—a good diet plan can be as important if not as critical as the exercise. And don’t be put off by the word ‘diet.

In many cases you’ll find that you can eat more than you normally do and actually realize your goals—whether its weight loss or just living better.

So here’s to getting active, healthy and fit with just a little effort.


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Last modified June 21, 2019


By Bill Gray


It’s been a weird week even by DC standards.

Once again, the media intimated the president is an untrustworthy boob, incapable of carrying out the simplest of diplomatic tasks…while concluding just 7 days later he may be a mastermind of diplomacy.

The president was dissed by two major networks when he officially (and historically) re-launched his bid for the presidency.     

The nation was forced to endure another round of House Judiciary inquiries, aimed at rehashing the obstruction/collusionary parts, of the 22 month long Mueller investigation. The only new thing we learned was about one of the president’s former aide’s sex life.

The Iranians, and/or their proxies are firing missiles all over the Middle East at US allies, their oilfields, and American positions. Congressional democrats blame the president for the increased tensions, agreeing the situation is dire, while warning him not to “bumbling” into a war, without permission.  

AND… while all that was happening we find out new revelations about the FBI players directly involved in the Mueller investigation. It seems they relied on another unreliable dossier, while trading information with the press, and using that reportage as facts to fuel their investigative actions aimed at the Trump campaign/president elect…

Last Saturday, the New York Times ran a story (U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid by David E. Sanger and Nicole Perlroth). The article hits the usual facts about the uber-secret program authorized by the president, and congress.

In a nutshell, the program will attack the Russians similar to Russian attacks on Georgia in 2008.

The interesting part of the piece is the statements by unnamed anonymous pentagon, and intelligence sources. The sources claims the president was kept out of the details since he was viewed as a security risk. The NYT’s article claims;

“Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for concern over his reaction — and the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials, as he did in 2017 when he mentioned a sensitive operation in Syria to the Russian foreign minister.”

Our readers may remember, the 2017 incident mentioned by the NYT’s, the president warned the Russians of an attack by ISIS, without revealing the sources, or methods on how the information was gathered.

The democrats jumped on the bandwagon at first, before backing off the story. Pundits on the anti-Trump cable news networks admitted the story confirmed the president’s claims of a deep state conspiracy, and promptly dropped it.

Another strange outcome came in the form of the media after the Trump administration gave the go-ahead on the article. Normally an article will be voluntarily edited/held by the publisher if it jeopardizes sources/methods. The administration told the NYT’s to proceed unedited.

The media speculated the Trump administration wanted the US attack on the Russian grid to become public. The experts ruminated on how tell-tale signs are left to scare an adversary, suggesting this was an effort to shake the Russians.  

A week later, the New York Times reported late Thursday night, the administration ordered a retaliatory strike on Iran (radar sites/missile batteries). The article claimed the US ships were in place, and US war planes were in the air when the president recalled them without an explanation. 

The article concluded the president had either ran up against a logistical problem, or had just changed his mind, or if the strikes would happen at a later date. The NYT’s claimed the pentagon lobbied against the strike, while the intelligence community pushed for it.

The head scratching in the media started immediately after one sentence in the NYT’s article was analyzed;

“No government officials asked The New York Times to withhold the article.”

Historically, when a strike like this is scrubbed, an article like the NYT’s piece will be postponed voluntarily by a request from the administration in power. The fact this one wasn’t leads experts to believe it was a warning for the Iranians.  

Earlier in the day, the president had left the Iranians an out saying;

“I’m not just talking about the country [Iran] made a mistake. I’m talking about somebody under the command of that country made a mistake. I find it hard to believe it was intentional” [on the part of Iran’s top officials],”

The president added;

“Let’s see what happens. This is a new fly in the ointment — what happened, shooting down the drone — and this country will not stand for it,”

Speaker Pelosi responded to the president’s statements;

“We know that the high-tension wires are up there, and we must do everything we cannot to escalate the situation, but also to make sure that our personnel in the region are safe,”

Minority leader, Schumer added;

“The president may not intend to go to war here, but we’re worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. One of the best ways to avoid bumbling into war, a war that nobody wants, is to have a robust open debate and for Congress to have a real say. We learned that lesson in the run-up to Iraq [in 2003],”

If you missed the happenings earlier in the week, the Iranians, or their proxies’ ratcheted-up tension after pelting the Middle East with rockets/bombs;

Iranian backed Shite militia are suspected of firing off at least 6 missiles/mortar rounds into Iraq. The explosives landed in oilfields, and near military installations that housed US forces. No one was injured in the attacks near the bases…3 Americans were injured in the oil field attacks.  

Hezbollah launched another series of missiles into Israel from Gaza, just weeks after sending a record 500+ missiles into the Jewish nation last month.

Near the Iranian coast, two oil tankers (owned by Japan & Norway) were hit last week with Iranian limpet mines. 

The Iranians admitted to shooting down the unmanned US drone. The pentagon was surprised by the shoot-down, believing the Iranians didn’t possess the capabilities to hit high flying drones… 

In a historic ‘diss’…two mainstream media outlets refused to cover the president’s official launching of his 2020 re-election campaign. Six minutes in, the president called out the media for being ‘fake news’. That’s all it took for MSNBC to drop coverage, while CNN failed to cover the event after chants of ‘CNN sucks’ momentarily drowned out the president.

CNN anchors tried to outdo themselves (Lemon and Cuomo), comparing the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania to Hitler. MSNBC complained it was more of the same Trump campaign rhetoric dating back to 2015…

House judiciary chair, Jerry Nadler was visibly upset after securing former top 
Trump aide, Hope Hicks for his committee’s investigation. The Hicks transcripts confirms the 2 DOJ attorneys, 1 White House attorney, and Hicks’ personal attorney earned their keep Tuesday.

The attorneys thwarted all efforts by the democrats, objecting 155 times to questions about Hack’s time in the White House.

Democrat chair, Jerry Nadler was so distracted, he called Miss Hicks, Mrs. Lewandowski 3 times.

Hicks repeatedly corrected Nadler who responded;

“I'm sorry, Ms. Hicks. I'm preoccupied,”

The president’s team claimed ‘absolute immunity’ covering Hick’s time in the White House versus executive privilege...a case they’ll make with other White House officials called to testify before congress. 

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING…Continued in next column


The calculated move by the administration is expected to lead to a court case, where experts believe the democrats will suffer irreparable political damage in 2020.

Nadler scoffed at the assertion of ‘absolute immunity’, saying;

“There is no such thing as absolute immunity that prevents someone from answering questions about any subject related to their work in an administration. It just doesn't exist,”

The usually supportive, impeachment backing ultra-left ‘Slate’ magazine epitomized the left’s disdain for the democrat effort in an article (This Passage From Hope Hicks’ Testimony Crystallizes the Inanity of the Democrats’ Impeachment Stance by Jeremy Stahl), saying;

“A quick review reveals that the [democratic] committee members’ questioning was an exercise in futility and absurdity, one that went well beyond even the most pointless congressional hearings many Americans have become accustomed to tolerating in recent years.”

For what its worth, we did learn of a rumor that claims Hick’s dated Corey Lewandowski, and that several democratic members tried to take pictures of the former model with their cell phones…

The Hill’s John Solomon strikes again with more revelations about FBI misdeeds.
Solomon reports that after numerous warnings about its lack of credibility, the FBI used another dossier known as the ‘black cash ledger’ to resurrect the 2014 case against Paul Manafort. 

Solomon writes;

When the final chapter of the Russia collusion caper is written, it is likely two seminal documents the FBI used to justify investigating Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign will turn out to be bunk. And the behavior of FBI agents and federal prosecutors who promoted that faulty evidence may disturb us more than we now know.”

Solomon explains;

“There’s just one problem: The FBI’s public reliance on the [black cash ledger] ledger came months after the feds were warned repeatedly that the document couldn’t be trusted and likely was a fake, according to documents and more than a dozen interviews with knowledgeable sources.”

Really disturbing was the complicity between the government, and the press, according to Solomon;

“The April 12, 2017, Associated Press article reported that DMI [Manafort’s company] records showed at least two payments were made to DMI that correspond to payments in the 'black ledger,' ” an FBI agent wrote in a footnote to the affidavit. There are two glaring problems with that assertion.

First, the agent failed to disclose that both FBI officials and Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutor Andrew Weismann, who later became Mueller’s deputy, met with those AP reporters one day before the story was published and assisted their reporting.

Secondly, the FBI was told the ledger claimed to show cash payments to Manafort when, in fact, agents had been told since 2014 that Manafort received money only by bank wires, mostly routed through the island of Cyprus, memos show,”

The alleged FBI shenanigans didn’t end there, according to Judicial Watch, president Tom Fitton;

“In a March 24, 2017 email from New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt to FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs Michael Kortan, Schmidt offers the FBI information about Ambassador Kislyak allegedly setting up a meeting between Jared Kushner and a Russian banker. Michael Schmidt asks no questions of Kortan, instead only offering information:

[York Times reporter] Michael Schmidt emails Kortan:

Mike [Kortan]: Wanted to flag you on something. Three of my colleagues are working on a story about the Russia investigation. They’re told that Jared Kushner is among the individuals who the F.B.I. is scrutinizing for their meetings with Russians.

My colleagues were told that Ambassador Kislyak, after meeting Kushner and General Flynn in early December at Trump Tower, set up a meeting with Kushner and a Russian banker. Kushner ultimately met with the Russian banker. The banker worked for Alpha Bank. Thanks. Mike

The left leaning media has ignored the find, while the right has pointed out the cooperation between the agents, and reporter led to a circuitous relationship, where Schmidt was cited as a source in the Mueller report…

House democrats passed a spending bill that extended the Hyde amendment for another year despite claims they want it gone. Our readers may remember the Hyde amendment bans taxpayer cash (Medicaid) for abortions.

Pelosi told reporters;

“I wish we never had a Hyde amendment, but it is the law of the land right now and I don't see that there is an opportunity to get rid of it with the current occupant of the White House and some in the United States Senate,”

Bernie Sanders took a much more philosophical approach, saying;

“sometimes in a large bill you have to vote for things you don't like,”

The president got a big boost from his arch nemesis. The head of the Federal Reserve announced he will probably lower rates (not raise them) to of set any concerns over the tariffs…


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…at the time of post, a large fire burned in one of Philadelphia Energy Solutions refineries. The fire is under control according to local officials. The fire started after several explosions rocked the area, and could be felt as far away as the 2 adjacent counties...

Eastern Seaboard…severe thunderstorms caused extensive damage, and power outages from Georgia, the Carolinas, to New Jersey. The storm front grounded 3500 flights, and left 215,000 people without electricity… 

Albany, New York…democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo signed the ‘Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act’. The act gives illegal aliens the right to drive, and insures their privacy by not retaining said information. The acts also denies the federal government access to their personal information.

The new law almost didn’t make it through the state legislature, after opponents pointed out it flies in the face of 911 commission recommendations. The 911 committee concluded that relying on unverifiable information could lead to another terrorist attack…


Pyongyang, North Korea…according to regional experts, Chinese president Xi makes a surprise visit to the hermit kingdom, urging president Kim Jong Un to reinitiate negotiations with the US….

Xaltianguis, Mexico…vigilantes have taken to the streets, killing two alleged gang members (dismembering one) before Mexican Marines arrived on the scene. The vigilantes are still patrolling the city, but now under the watchful eye of the Marines…

Hong Kong, China…2+  million protesters remain in the streets after mainland China attempted to pressure the local government officials in to passing legislation that would allow extradition to Beijing. If the law had been passed, dissidents in Hong Kong would be subject to harsh retribution by the mainland communists…


Bourbon County, Kansas…Eli Gregg was playing with a 10 inch knife when he fell on it…plunging it in his face. After a lengthy arduous surgery, doctors were able to remove the knife, saving Eli’s life. Eli will recover without any side effects …he promises he will heed mom’s warnings…never play, or run with sharp objects again…

Miramar, Florida…local man, identified only as Demetrio received a Spiderman costume for Father’s Day. Causing quite a stir, he wore it to work, pressure washing tiled roofs…

Cypress, Texas… local man, Craig Valentine (42) was arrested for felony assault, and shoplifting after he attacked the Walmart greeter (Mohindra Radhawa (75)). It seems the greeter Radhawa found several unpaid for items in the basket as Valentine tried to leave the store…